About Simbye

Have you ever received a surprisingly high bill because you briefly used mobile internet abroad? Or have you found yourself abroad searching for free WiFi to avoid high roaming charges? Perhaps you were sold expensive SIM cards at the airport, or you urgently needed mobile internet without a long-term contract. We are familiar with all these issues from personal experience. To address these challenges, we founded Simbye.

Simbye is an eSIM store offering an extensive selection of over 150 data plans from more than 200 countries. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with maximum flexibility without the need for long-term contractual commitments. Our eSIM installation is remarkably easy – with just one click, you can be online in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, we place a high emphasis on user-friendliness and customer satisfaction, continuously striving to improve and expand our services to meet your global mobile data needs effortlessly and efficiently. Discover the freedom of staying connected anywhere without compromise with Simbye.

Our mission is to connect people across the globe, regardless of where they live, work, or explore. We aim to enable you to save money, travel with peace of mind, and use mobile internet in every country you visit. With our support, you can communicate without boundaries and share your experiences wherever your journeys take you.